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Jeffery's Trip To Europe! - Jeffery Patch

Jeffery’s Trip To Europe!

Pictures at last!

Pictures from my trip to Europe

There is over 500 so I’ll be surprised if anybody actually looks at them all, but thanks for at least checking them out.

They aren’t labeled where they are or anything. You can figure a lot of them out. Here is a list of the places I went, in order, so you can at least get a good idea.


– 1st museum in Paris is the Louvre
– 2nd museum in Paris is Musee D’Orsay


– Lido Island
– Burano Island


– Uffizi Museum
– Fiesole (with great views of Florence)


Cinque Terra (all the shots of the water and anything green was shot in Cinque Terra!)


– Coliseum
– Forum Ruins
– Trevi Fountain


– Vatican Museum

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