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Anatomy Of A Scene – Garden State

I recorded the Sundance Channel’s Anatomy Of A Scene for Garden State and encoded it for your viewing pleasure. Requires Quicktime 6.5. This scene doesn’t really spoil the movie, but I am glad I saw it after I watched the movie. Watch at your own discretion. Please right click and save the file to your…

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Wedge Video

I filmed some good body boarding footage at the Wedge yesterday and made this video last night. It’s MPEG 1, VCD Quality. 47mb, so it’s a bit of a download but I think it’s worth it! Music by Amber Sky. Body Boarding at the Wedge Too bed I go. It’s way too late and I’m…

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Jeffery’s Trip To Europe!

Pictures at last! Pictures from my trip to Europe There is over 500 so I’ll be surprised if anybody actually looks at them all, but thanks for at least checking them out. They aren’t labeled where they are or anything. You can figure a lot of them out. Here is a list of the places…

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