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A Camera Around My Neck Again

It’s been far too long but I’ve started to shoot again. I purchased a Nikon D300 this year and have been assisting my friend, fantastic wedding photographer, Lisa Webb. We are shooting a friend of mine’s wedding in May and earlier this month we got together to do an engagement session. Here’s a couple of…

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Increasing Proficiency by Eliminating Distractions

I picked up Tim Ferriss’ recently updated book, The 4-Hour Workweek and it is completely changing the way I run my WordPress design business day-to-day.  No, I’m not cutting everything back so I can actually work only four hours per week, but by implementing a few of Tim’s suggestions I am doing a much better…

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What I Learned in 2009

There is nothing better than seeing the world through your own eyes. The way I make a living and live my life isn’t the way I want to do so for the rest of my life. Writing a popular travel blog is hard work but very rewarding. Social media is awesome. I can run a…

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Morocco, not your typical spring break destination

“Where is all the sand?” I thought to myself when I landed at Mohammed V Airport in Casablanca, Morocco. It turns out that much of Morocco is actually very dense with forests and vegetation. The Mediterranean climate is much more comfortable than one would imagine when contemplating a visit to North Africa.

“Bienvenue en Maroc! Welcome in Maroc!” I frequently heard while walking down busy streets. Not knowing whether I was French, English, or American, they were sure to cover their bases and make sure I understood that I was welcome in their country.

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Can Kobe Do It?

Sunday was an eventful day in the world of Sports but the talk around the water cooler the next morning wasn’t about the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Seattle Seahawks victories that are sending them to the Superbowl. Instead, even the most casual sports fans wanted to talk about Kobe Bryant’s record setting game that was…

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DVD & XviD to iPod Conversion Guide

Converting DVD’s to Mpeg-4 for Video Enabled Ipods Apple has been nice enough to allow users to purchase their $29 version of Quicktime Pro that will convert any video readable by Quicktime into a compatible H.264 format for new video enabled iPods. Unfortunately this does not produce quality video in a timely manner for most…

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Digg Frontpage

I submitted my previous entry about stuck pixels to Digg and to my surprise it made the frontpage within the hour. Digg is a pseudo-tech news site that allows users to submit stories. The digg community choses which stories make the front page, not an editor. It’s a great site with lots of interesting, amusing,…

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How To Fix a Dead Pixel in Your LCD Screen

In 2005 I found a red stuck pixel on the LCD screen of Apple PowerBook. Severely disappointed I looked for an easy method to fix the dead or stuck pixel on the LCD screen. After lots of researching the tips I read online I was unable to repair the stuck pixel. Some are easier than…

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